...an individual is disciplined when he is the master of himself.
-Dr. Maria Montessori

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Albanesi Montessori Files

More material is available at Albanesi Montessori Files. For the experienced Montessori teacher, these notes will serve well as enriching professional insights; for the beginner, they will lay a solid foundation for understanding the Montessori Method and for practicing many of its principles and techniques in the role of teacher-assistant or private home-teacher.

Montessori Curriculum

To guide teachers in selecting the Montessori materials that best serve the academic needs of a Montessori environment, we have organized our Montessori materials by curriculum level and subject.

All the necessary Montessori equipment and curriculum programs for the Montessori Pre-school Level (ages 2-6) are found under four subjects: Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, and Math. For the Montessori Junior Elementary Level (ages 6-9) and for the Advanced Elementary Level (ages 10-13), please look under these four subjects: Language, Math, Geometry, and Cultural.

We provide a complete line of standard Montessori materials manufactured by Gonzagarredi and the corresponding original curriculum programs designed and published by The Albanesi Educational Center.