ADJECTIVE STRIP OF PAPER/10 describing nouns ● S-161

ADJECTIVE STRIP OF PAPER/10 describing nouns ● S-161

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Manufacturer: Albanesi


The Game of the Adjective Strip of Paper belongs to the group of Montessori language presentations for the study of the function of the adjective. The Detective Game of the Triangles, the Adjective Game of the Changing Paper, and the Exercises of Logical Agreement are examples of other lessons or language games that share the same aim. This exercise is suitable for presentation to the whole class and can be carried out separately by individual children. A set of ten blue-shaded forms with the printed grammar symbols of the adjective and noun may be used throughout the school year. Each form is designed to list ten adjectives for a selected noun. A space for the picture of an object, person or place (noun) is provided on the right-hand side of the paper. The picture shown above is a reduced version of the paper which is 8 ½” x 11.” Instructions for presenting this lesson are included. This exercise is coded and coordinated with the Albanesi Curriculum Program (ACP) for Language.

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