Advanced Elementary Montessori Math Lab (Grades 5-8) ● AE-M LAB

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Advanced Elementary Montessori Math Lab (Grades 5-8) ● AE-M LAB


For Students 9-13 or Grades 5-8.

● Curriculum includes 724 Cards (80 levels) of Montessori activities.

● Cards are printed on 8 ½” x 5 ½” cardstock.

● Color-coding to indicate grade levels.

The program provides the teacher with an immediate evaluation of the student's grade level.

Control Book and Wooden Display Box are sold separately. 

Coordinated Materials Sold Separately

AE-M.C   Advanced Elementary Math Control & Instruction Manual 

  AE-M Wooden Box for Math Curriculum Cards 

   Color-Coded Paper for Multiplication W/Decimals /30

M-13   Arrows for the Study of Powers

M-110   Game of the Nine Proof

M-150   Metric Measures

M-152   Golden Bead Rubber Stamps (4)

M-230   Fractions to Decimals (Hard Plastic)

M-231   Fractions to Percent (Hard Plastic)

M-300   Decimal Board for Multiplication

MF-10th   Red Plastic Fraction Circles to 10th

MF-24th   Red Plastic Fraction Circles to 24th

RN-501   Roman Numerals – Exercises 1-30

RN-502   Roman Numerals – Exercises 31-10,000

RN-503   Control for Roman Numerals 1-10,000

TEM-MF-   Fraction Templates from one Whole to 24th

Test Batteries organized by grade level can be purchased and downloaded as PDF files at www.AlbanesiMontessoriNotes.com