Arrows for the Study of Powers ● M-13

Arrows for the Study of Powers ● M-13

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Manufacturer: Albanesi


Set of 40 laminated arrows printed on both sides for the identification of the powers of numbers with the layout of the Montessori long bead-chains. The arrows are color-coded to match the colors of the bead-chains. Each number from 1 to 10 is represented by four arrows to indicate zero power, first power, second power, and third power respectively for the point (unit), line (bead-bar), square (bead-square), and cube (bead-cube) of each number. Students understand that powers of numbers are computed by multiplying the base-number by itself as many times as indicated by the exponent. The picture shows the layout for the chain of 4. Presentations and exercises are covered in the Albanesi Curriculum Program (ACP) of the AE-M Lab Level 13.G & 13.H

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