Economic Geography Stamps TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK

Economic Geography Stamps TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK

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Economic Geography Stamps (2011 New Improved Version)
Using the puzzle insets of the Montessori Maps, the children first trace a map and then use the set of Economic Rubber Stamps to represent the resources of a state, region or country. The 50 rubber stamps are stored in a compartmentalized wooden box and organized by color-coding: Gray for 15 resources from the Mineral Kingdom, Green for 25 resources from the Plant Kingdom, and Red for 10 resources from the Animal Kingdom. Three stamp pads color-coded Gray, Green, and Red are also included. The colors of the stamp pads symbolize the place of origin and the movement of resources that are traded. Symbols stamped in black ink indicate resources produced in and by a certain region or country. If the symbols are stamped in green ink, it means that the corresponding resources of a certain country are produced in abundance and are items of export, while the resources stamped in red correspond to products that must be imported. For more advanced work, the rubber stamps may be used for making graphs that compare the resources of various countries. With the Economic Geography Rubber Stamps, students integrate the study of geography, language arts, and mathematics when they research and analyze pertinent information to illustrate maps and graphs.

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