History Time Line Vinyl Ribbon of the U.S.A. ● T-101-USA

History Time Line Vinyl Ribbon of the U.S.A. ● T-101-USA

SKU: T-101-USA

Manufacturer: Albanesi


The History Time Line is a vinyl ribbon 3"x20' long. This time line is only suitable for the History of the United States because the Golden Bead Chains with matching arrow markers indicating some of the most important dates of American historical events are printed on the vinyl ribbon. The Bead Chains represent the progression of years from Before the Common Era (BCE) to the Common Era (CE) with the settlement of American Indians and the arrival of the Europeans in 1492. This 20-foot long vinyl strip allows the students to have a concrete experience of the time frame within the whole history of mankind, when the American continent joined with European Renaissance history and became part of Western civilization, culminating in the creation of a new country, the United States of America. The vinyl time line strip is suitable for the U.S. History program of the Junior Level and Advanced Level, which are sold separately. (H-101-US-JE in development). See H-101-US-AE for the program designed for grades 5-8).

SPECIAL NOTE: The US HISTORY PROGRAM for the Junior Elementary - Grades 3-4, consisting of Picture Cards & Story Cards is NOT ready. It is still in preparation. As soon as it is ready for publication, it will be placed on the website.

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