Junior Elementary Geometry Bundle

Junior Elementary Geometry Bundle

SKU: JE-G Bundle

Manufacturer: Albanesi


Complete Junior Albanesi Geometry Curriculum Lab (For Students 6 to 9 or Grades 1-4) with all Albanesi Support Materials Included! (Assessment program sold separately)

Bundle Includes:
JE-G Junior Elementary Montessori Geometry Lab ($330.00 Value)
JE-G.C Index and Control Junior Elementary Geometry ($50.00 Value)
ACP-BOX-1 Display Box for the JE-G ($48.00 Value)

CN-100 Classified Nomenclature of Geometry ($760.00 Value)
BOX-CN-100 Box for The Classified Nomenclature of Geometry ($68.00 Value)
G-101 Geometry Puzzle Definitions ($20.00 Value)
G-102 Congruence - Similarity ($19.00 Value)
G-512 Game of the Tiles ($330.00 Value)
BOX-G-512 Box for The Game of the Tiles ($95.00 Value)
TEM-A Geometry Templates Large ($81.00 Value)
TEM-B Geometry Templates Small ($68.00 Value)

Total Value: $1,869.00
Bundle Savings: $280.00!

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