Junior Elementary Math Lab ● JE-M LAB

Junior Elementary Math Lab ● JE-M LAB


Manufacturer: Albanesi


For Students 6 to 9 or Grades 1-4.

● The curriculum includes over 900 Cards (120 levels) of Montessori activities.
● Cards are printed on 8 ½” x 5 ½” cardstock.
● Color-coding to indicate grade levels.

Test Batteries are organized by grade level and are sold separately and downloaded as PDF files at https://www.aecmontessorifiles.com/language-and-math-tests

Control Book and wooden display box are sold separately. 

Coordinated Materials Sold Separately

JE-M.C   Junior Elementary Math Control & Instruction Manual
ACP-BOX 3   JE-M Wooden Box for Math Curriculum Cards
CH-M-01   Large Math Chalkboard
CH-M-02   Small Color-Coded Math Chalkboard

F-400   Numeration Paper / 100 Squares
F-401   Simple Math Paper
F-402   Color-Coded Math Paper
F-406   Math Paper for Stamp Game ($36.00 Value)

BOX-JE-M   Plastic Storage Boxes (2) for JE-Math Exercises
M-100   Addition of Sets
M-101   Numeration/Addition
M-102   Numeration Beyond 100
M-103   Telling Time
M-104   Addition with Bead-Bars
M-105   Static / Dynamic Addition
M-106   US Money
M-107   Static/Dynamic Subtraction
M-108   Static/Dynamic Multiplication
M-109   Static/Dynamic Division
M-110   Game of Nines (Formerly The Nine Proof)

M-150   Metric Measures
M-150.1 Metric Measuring Tapes 
M-151   Celsius Thermometer Rubber Stamp
M-152   Golden Beads Rubber Stamps
M-153   Clock Rubber Stamp
M-155   Metric Balance with Small Mass Set ($85.00 Value) 
M-156   Metric Mass Set of 12 pieces for a total of 1170 grams  ($112.00 Value) 
M-160   Candelabrum of Numeration
MF-10th   Red Plastic Fraction Circles to 10th
MF-26.A   Fraction Labels for Numerator & Denominator
TEM-MF-1-2-3-4   Fraction Templates (One Whole to the 24ths)
RN-501   Roman Numerals – Exercises 1-30
RN-502   Roman Numerals – Exercises 31-10,000
RN-503 Roman Numerals Control Chart

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