The Botany Charts ● BOT-500

The Botany Charts ● BOT-500

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The Botany Charts were developed to serve multiple levels of scientific knowledge, a knowledge that can be imparted impressionistically with younger children and academically with older ones. The Montessori Guide, therefore, should be prepared to approach this study from the wider possible perspective within the field of biology. Each of the 18 Botany Charts contains a story that provides detailed information about the illustration and related subjects. Vocabulary and comprehension exercises are also included in each chart. In the first introduction of the Botany Charts, Dr. Montessori suggested that the elementary teacher begin by explaining to the students the meaning of the word biology (from Greek, study of life). The class lesson would continue by explaining that the study of life implies that we know the difference between living and non-living things in the world. By inviting the children to focus their attention on the observation of the world around them and their daily experiences with plants and animals, they can participate interactively in the lesson. The Montessori Guide can use the Botany Charts to initiate discussions and stimulate the children’s curiosity with subsequent lessons and on different occasions throughout the school year. Each chart can provide the link to integrate more knowledge, to expand to related subjects and thus provide an integrated curriculum of science and culture that will bring the children back to Dr. Montessori’s idea of education with a cosmic view.