Advanced Elementary Language Lab (Grades 5-8) ● AE-L LAB

Advanced Elementary Language Lab (Grades 5-8) ● AE-L LAB


Manufacturer: Albanesi


This Lab contains 80 levels (from fifth to eighth grade) of Montessori exercises printed on cardstock. The standard size of all the CURRICULUM CARDS is 8 ½”x 5 1/2”. There are over 500 cards, which are color-coded to indicate the four grade levels from 5th to 8th. This arrangement provides the teacher with an immediate evaluation of the student's work in relation to grade level. AE-L stands for Advanced Elementary Language(ages 10 to 13).

Test Batteries are organized by grade level and are sold separately and downloaded as PDF files at https://www.aecmontessorifiles.com/advanced-elementary-tests

Control Book and wooden display box are sold separately. 

Coordinated Materials Sold Separately

AE-L.C   Advanced Elementary Language Control & Instruction Manual
ACP-BOX-2   Display Box for the AE-L LAB
GR-099 Verb Tense/Simple Conjugation Exercises
GR-210 Grammar Box Exercises
BOX-GR-210   Storage Cabinets for the Advanced Elementary Grammar Box Exercises
GR-301 Contractions
GR-302 Common and Proper Nouns
GR-303 Abbreviation Exercises
GR-304 Synonyms
GR-305 Antonyms
GR-306 Compound Words
GR-307 Homonym Exercises
GR-308 Detective Game Tags
GR-309   Similes and Analogies
GR-310 Syllabication 11 Exercises
GR-311 Prefixes & Suffixes
GR-312   Spelling & Dictation Practice - 8 Exercises
GR-313   Apostrophe Practice Exercises
S-130 Study of the Gender of Nouns
GR-MINI-TEM   Mini Grammar Templates - Set of 5

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