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There are 118 word cards and 6 control cards that list the names of objects to be matched according to their initial phonetic sound. The exercises are graduated in difficulty, from short vowel words, to long vowel words, blends, and phonogram sounds. The word cards in these exercises can only be used after the Montessori Guide has collected the corresponding miniature objects and organized each exercise inside an object box. Here is the list of miniature objects that you should collect to match these exercises: EXERCISE PRE: 7.E Albanesi – S-131 s – saw, sponge, spool, seal m – mushroom, monkey, mouse, mirror a – apple, alligator, ant, addition EXERCISE PRE: 10.D Albanesi – S-131 h – horse, hat, horn, hippopotamus c – car, camel, carrot, comb p – pan, pig, pear, pencil EXERCISE PRE: 13.C Albanesi – S-131 f – fish, flag, foot, flower g – goat, goose, gift, gun e – elephant, egg, eggplant, ellipse b – belt, bear, boat, broom EXERCISE PRE: 13.D Albanesi – S-131 d – dog, donkey, duck, dinosaur n – nut, nest, nail, nose i – Indian, inkpot, Italy, igloo r – rabbit, rat, rake, rooster EXERCISE PRE: 16.B Albanesi – S-131 l – lion, leaf, lobster, lid u – umbrella, underpass, uncle, umpire j – jeep, jack-in-the-box, Jupiter, jet w – wig, watermelon, window, watch q – queen, quarter, quartz, quilt EXERCISE PRE: 16.C Albanesi – S-131 y – yak, yarn, yam, yo-yo k – kangaroo, kite, king, koala v – vase, vest, violin, valentine x – box, fox, wax, ox* z – zebra, zodiac, zipper, Zeus

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