Classified Nomenclature of Geometry (2022) ● Complete Set


Classified Nomenclature of Geometry ● CN-100

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The Classified Nomenclature of Geometry was originally designed by Dr. Montessori.

Total material:

172 Laminated Picture cards 5.5” x 5.5” (14cm x 14cm).
172 Laminated Definition cards 5.5” x 5.5” (14cm x 14cm).
172 Laminated Labels (for matching) (5.5”x1”)
30 Color-Coded Plastic Pockets for Storage
30 Laminated Student Control Booklets (201 total pages).
One Teacher’s Control (high-quality paper, not laminated).

Boxes for The Classified Nomenclature of Geometry are sold separately.

The Geometry Series of Study Includes:

A1: From the Point to the Solid
B1/B2: Lines; Types of Lines
B3: Parts of a Straight Line
B4: Positions of a Straight Line
B5/B6: Positions of Two Straight Lines; The Axis of a Line Segment
C1/C2: The Angle and Principal Angles
C3/C4: Parts of an Angle
C5: The Relation Between Two Angles
C6: Two Particular Combinations of Angles
C7/C8: Angles Formed by Two Straight Lines and a Transversal; The Bisector of an Angle
D1: Plane Figures
D2: Polygons
D3: Simple Closed Curve Figures
E1: Triangles Classified by Sides
E2: Triangles Classified by Angles
E3: Parts of a Triangle
E4: Sides of a Right-angled Triangle
5E: Types of Right-angled Triangles
F1: Types of Quadrilaterals
F2: Parts of a Parallelogram
F3: Parts of a Rectangle
F4: Parts of a Rhombus
F5: Parts of a Square
F6: Parts of a Trapezoid
F7: Types of Trapezoids
G1: Regular and Irregular Polygons
G2: Regular Polygons
G3: Parts of a Polygon
H1: Parts of a Circle
H2: Relation Between a Straight Line and a Circumference
H3: Relative Positions Between Two Circumferences

Junior & Advanced Elementary (Age 8+)

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