Economic Geography Program #1


Economic Geography Program #1 ● SC-400 thru SS-616

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Economic Geography Program #1

The study of Economic Geography in the Montessori elementary classroom is presented alongside the study of the maps of the continents and countries. Students of the Junior Elementary (6 – 9) and Advanced Elementary (10 – 13) can prepare maps by tracing the familiar puzzle maps and by reproducing the information presented in the illustrated story folders provided with this program. Lithosphere – Flora – Fauna Economic Resources of North America – Central America – South America EARTH SCIENCE INTRODUCTION SET 1) The Earth’s Lithosphere (SC-400) 2) The Earth’s Flora (SC-500) 3) The Earth’s Fauna (SC-600) This set of three illustrated story folders should be introduced to the students before they begin using the economic geography rubber stamps. NINE ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY FOLDERS 1) Mineral Resources of North America (SS-414) 2) Plant Resources of North America (SS-514) 3) Animal resources of North America (SS-614) 4) Mineral Resources of Central America (SS-415) 5) Plant resources of Central America (SS-515) 6) Animal Resources of Central America (SS-615) 7) Mineral Resources of South America (SS-416) 8) Plant Resources of South America (SS-516) 9) Animal Resources of South America (SS-616)

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