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In the Montessori Elementary Curriculum, there are two series of Geography Charts: Series A and Series B. This bundle consists of all 58 (11″x17″) folded story cards with full-color, originally designed illustrations on the cover. Each topic includes a story and a multiple-choice self-test for vocabulary and comprehension. All story cards are printed on cardstock.

Series A Topics:

1. The Formation of the Solar System
2. The Sun’s Family
3. The Cosmic Dance
4. The Age of Volcanoes
5. The Formation of The Ocean
6. The Composition of The Earth
7. The Sun: Source of All Energy
8. Burning and Freezing
9. Day and Night
10. The Warmest Hour of the Day / The Coldest Hour of the Night
11. Perpendicular Rays and Oblique Rays
12. Extension of Illumination
13. A Shower of Light on a Mountain Top
14. The Effects of The Atmosphere on the Sun’s Rays
15. The Revolution of The Earth and The Seasons
16. The Inclination of The Earth’s Axis
17. When The Sun Crosses The Equator
18. The Climate Zones
19. Heat Retention in The Atmosphere
20. Radiation of Heat
21. The Heat of The Body is Retained
22. The Heat of the Body is Dispersed
23. Orographic Rain
24. The Formation of The Winds
25. Low Pressure and High-Pressure Zones
26. Wind Belts and Terrestrial Circulation
27. Sea Breeze
28. Land Breeze

Series B Topics:

1. The Summer Solstice
2. The Winter Solstice
3. The Equinoxes and The Winds
4. Winds and Rain when the Sun is Over The Tropic of Cancer
5. Winds and Rain when the Sun is Over The Tropic of Capricorn
6. Rain Caused by Local Winds
7. Evaporation
8. Condensation
9. Rivers of The Ocean
10. Marine Currents and The Climate
11. The Wind as a Sculptor
12. The Birth of a River
13. Main Rivers of North America
14. More Rivers of North America
15. Great Rivers of The World
16. The Work of Water
17. A River Valley
18. Formation of a Canyon
19. Nature’s Pyramids
20. Hiding in the Crevices
21. Breaking Free
22. Formation of a Glacier
23. When a Glacier Melts
24. A Glacier Valley
25. The Water Cycle
26. The Water Game
27. Types of Global Vegetation
28. The Torrid Zone
29. The Temperate Zone
30.The Polar Zone

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