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Exercises for the Grammar Boxes ● GR-210

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The exercises for the grammar boxes are based on Dr. Montessori’s original design for the study of the Nine Parts of Speech. The material is printed on durable coated paper.

The Exercises for the Grammar Boxes include:

70 exercises to be used with the Nienhuis color-coded Wooden Grammar Boxes with Compartments (010201) for the study of the Nine Parts of Speech. See Nienhuis website https://www.nienhuis.com/us/en/grammar-boxes-nienhuis-montessori-usa/product/4941/

Over 3,000 Word Cards (2” X 1.25”) are color-coded to correspond to the Parts of Speech.

Guide Cards for direction and sequence of the manipulative exercises.

Observation Cards with etymological derivations of the grammatical terms.

Plastic Storage Cabinets sold separately.

Note: The Grammar Box Exercises (GR-210) have been coded for both the Junior Elementary Level (ages 6-9) and the Advanced Elementary Levels (9-13+).


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