Junior Elementary Geometry Lab


Junior Elementary Geometry Lab ● JE-G LAB

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Geometry Curriculum Cards for the Junior Elementary ages 6-9 (Grades 1-4). This Lab contains 40 levels (from first to fourth grade) of Montessori exercises printed on cardstock. The standard size of all the CURRICULUM CARDS is 8 ½”x 5 1/2”. The cards are color-coded to indicate the four grade levels from 1st to 4th. JE-G stands for Junior Elementary Geometry (ages 6 to 9). The self-tests for the Junior Geometry Program are incorporated into the Junior Math Program. There are no separate geometry self-tests.

Test Batteries organized by grade level can be purchased and downloaded as PDF files at www.aecmontessorifiles.com

Coordinated Geometry Materials

JE-G.C   Index and Control Junior Elementary Geometry
ACP-BOX-1   Display Box for the JE-G
CN-100   Classified Nomenclature of Geometry
BOX-CN-100   Box for The Classified Nomenclature of Geometry
G-101   Geometry Puzzle Definitions
G-102   Congruence – Similarity
G-512   Game of the Tiles
BOX-G-512   Box for The Game of the Tiles
TEM-A   Geometry Templates Large
TEM-B   Geometry Templates Small

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