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LANGUAGE CURRICULUM CARDS – JUNIOR ELEMENTARY (6-9) == This Lab of 648 exercise cards contains 120 levels (from first to fourth grade) of Montessori exercises printed on cardstock. The standard size of all the CURRICULUM CARDS is 8 ½”x 5 1/2”. The cards are color-coded to indicate the four grade levels from 1st to 4th. JE-L stands for Junior Elementary Language (ages 6 to 9 or grades 1-4).

Test Batteries are organized by grade level and are sold separately and downloaded as PDF files at https://www.aecmontessorifiles.com/language-and-math-tests

Control Book and wooden display box are sold separately.

Coordinated Materials Sold Separately

JE-L.C Junior Elementary Language Control & Instruction Manual
Display Box for the JE-L LAB BOX-8C Box for Grammar Symbols
CH-P-01 Plain Chalkboard
CH-L-01 Large Language Chalkboard
CH-L-02 Small Language Chalkboard
F-700 Blue Shaded Paper Full Page (Print)
F-701 Blue Shaded Paper Half Page (Print)
F-702 Purple shaded Paper Full Page (Cursive)
F-703 Purple shaded Paper Half Page (Cursive)
F-704 Blank 5.5 Paper with Blue Shaded Line (Print)
F-705 Blank 5.5 Paper with Purple Shaded Line (Cursive)
F-706 Blank 5.5 Metal Inset Paper
F-710 Print-Lined Cardstock for Labels
F-720 Cursive-Lined Cardstock for Labels
GR-080 Grammar Symbols – Nine Basic
GR-091 Story Card and Chart of Noun Family
GR-092 Story Card and Chart of Verb Family
GR-099 Verb Tense/Simple Conjugation Exercises
GR-210 Grammar Box Exercises
BOX-GR-210 Storage Cabinets for the Junior Elementary Grammar Box Exercises
GR-301 Contractions
GR-302 Common and Proper Nouns
GR-303 Abbreviation Exercises
GR-304 Synonyms
GR-305 Antonyms
GR-306 Compound Words
GR-307 Homonym Exercises
GR-308 Detective Game Tags
GR-310 Syllabication 11 Exercises
GR-311 Prefixes & Suffixes
ID-STAMP Identification Rubber Stamp
LB-100 Tracing Light Box
S-100-S-103 Short & Long Vowel Picture Cards for The Movable Alphabet with Controls
S-104 thru S-110 Phonogram Pictures and Labels
S-121 Words that Rhyme
S-122 Singular and Plural Exercises
S-123 Masculine and Feminine Exercises
S-124 Study of the Noun
S-125 Study of the Verb
S-126 Study of the Adjective
S-127 Study of the Article
S-129 Writing and Reading Sentence Build
S-130 Study of the Gender of Nouns
S-131 Phonetic Reading
S-132 Mixed Pictures for Movable Alphabet
S-133 Groups of the Animals – Pictures & Control Booklet
S-134 Homes of the Animals – Pictures & Control Booklet
S-135 Voices of the Animals
S-136 Correct Expressions / Actions / Objects
S-137 Poetry Exercises
S-140-S-146 Simple Nomenclature Set (Level I)
S-140-A-S-146-A Simple Nomenclature Set (Level II)
BOX-SN Box for Nomenclatures
S-160 Adjective Game of the Changing Paper
S-161 Adjective Strip of Paper
S-162 Function of Conjunction & Preposition
TEM-GR Grammar Templates

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