Preschool Language Bundle


Preschool Language Lab

Preschool Language Lab ● PRE-L LAB

Display Box for PRE-L, PRE-M, JE-G and AE-G Labs (small)

Display Box for PRE-L, PRE-M, JE-G and AE-G Labs ● BOX-1-ACP

Movable Alphabet Exercises (Laminated)

Movable Alphabet Picture Cards (14 Exercises & 14 Control Booklets) Laminated ● S-100-S-103

Phonogram Exercises ● Laminated

The Phonogram Exercises consists of 42 original, beautifully illustrated pictures, 42 matching labels, and seven student control booklets. Each phonogram set contains six pictures, six matching labels, a plastic storage pocket, and a full-color, comb-bound student control booklet.

Phonetic Alphabet Exercise & Control Booklet ● Laminated

Phonetic Alphabet Exercise & Control Booklet ● S-120

Words That Rhyme


Masculine and Feminine Exercises

Masculine and Feminine Exercises ● S-123

Study of The Noun

Study of The Noun ● S-124

Study of the Verb

Study of the Verb ● S-125

Study of the Adjective

Specific exercises of logical agreement between nouns and adjectives are presented with color-coded word cards. There are 20 color-coded word cards ...

Study of The Article


Reading Word Labels

Reading Word Labels ● S-128

Writing and Reading Sentence Building Exercise

Writing and Reading Sentence Building Exercise ● S-129

Phonetic Reading ● Laminated

There are 118 word cards and 6 control cards that list the names of objects to be matched according to their initial phonetic sound. The exercises ...

Movable Alphabet Mixed Pictures

Movable Alphabet Mixed Pictures ● S-132

Groups of the Animals - Pictures & Control Booklet

Groups of the Animals - Pictures & Control Booklet ● S-133

Homes of the Animals

Homes of the Animals ● S-134

Voices of The Animals


Correct Expressions / Actions/ Objects

Correct Expressions / Actions/ Objects ● S-136

Simple Nomenclature Set (Level I) ● Laminated

Simple Nomenclature Set (Level I) ● S-140-146 (Laminated)

Simple Nomenclature Stories (Reading Exercises)

Simple Nomenclature Stories (Reading Exercises) ● S-140-A-S-146-A

2 x Box for Nomenclatures

Box for Simple Nomenclatures ● BOX-H-SN

Grammar Templates

Grammar Templates ● TEM-GR
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Complete Preschool Albanesi Language Bundle (For Students 3 to 6) with all Albanesi Support Materials Included!

Test Batteries organized by grade level are sold separately and downloaded as PDF files at

Bundle Includes: 

PRE-L LAB (1985 Edition) ($150.00 Value)
BOX-1-ACP Display Box for Preschool Language ($48.00 Value)
S-100-S-103 Movable Alphabet Exercises ● Laminated ($160.00 Value)
S-104 thru S-110 Phonogram Exercises ● Laminated ($120.00 Value)
S-120 Phonetic Alphabet Exercise & Control Booklet ● Laminated ($138.00 Value)
S-121 Words that Rhyme ($55.00 Value)
S-123 Masculine and Feminine Exercises ● Laminated ($156.00 Value)
S-124 Study of the Noun ($14.00 Value)
S-125 Study of the Verb ($24.00 Value)
S-126 Study of the Adjective ($14.00 Value)
S-127 Study of the Article ($7.00 Value)
S-128 Reading Word Labels ($45.00 Value)
S-129 Writing and Reading Sentence Build ($65.00 Value)
S-131 Phonetic Reading ($24.00 Value)
S-132 Mixed Pictures for Movable Alphabet ($162.00 Value)
S-133 Groups of the Animals ($50.00 Value)
S-134 Homes of the Animals ($60.00 Value)
S-135 Voices of the Animals ($4.00 Value)
S-136 Correct Expressions / Actions / Objects ($10.00 Value)
S-140-S-146 Simple Nomenclature Set (Level I) ($150.00 Value)
S-140-A-S-146-A Simple Nomenclature Stories (Reading Exercises) ($260.00 Value)
BOX-SN Two sets of Boxes for Simple Nomenclatures I & II ($112.00 Value)
TEM-GR Grammar Templates ($52.00 Value)

Total Value $1,880
Bundle Savings: $282

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