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This Curriculum Lab contains 100 levels of Montessori exercises printed on cardstock. The standard size of all the CURRICULUM CARDS is 8 ½”x 5 1/2” with a color-coded border that indicates the level of difficulty for a student. PRE-L stands for Preschool-Language (Lab) for children 3 to 6 years of age.

Test Batteries are organized by grade level and are sold separately and downloaded as PDF files at

Important Note: The Albanesi Labs for the preschool levels (children of ages 3-6) were published in the 1980’s and since that time have not been revised. The content of the labs remains current; however, in consideration of the publishing date, these labs are NOW AVAILABLE AT A SPECIAL DISCOUNTED PRICE till supply lasts.

Control Book and wooden display box are sold separately.

Coordinated Materials Sold Separately

PRE-L Index Book Index & Control Preschool Language Curriculum
BOX-1-ACP Display Box for Preschool Language
S-100-S-103 Short & Long Vowel Picture Cards for The Movable Alphabet with Controls
S-104 thru S-110 Phonogram Pictures and Labels
S-120 Phonetic Alphabet Exercise & Control Booklet
S-121 Words that Rhyme
S-122 Singular and Plural Exercises
S-123 Masculine and Feminine Exercises
S-124 Study of the Noun
S-125 Study of the Verb
S-126 Study of the Adjective
S-127 Study of the Article
S-128 Reading Word Labels
S-129 Writing and Reading Sentence Build
S-131 Phonetic Reading
S-132 Mixed Pictures for Movable Alphabet
S-133 Groups of the Animals
S-134 Homes of the Animals
S-135 Voices of the Animals
S-136 Correct Expressions / Actions / Objects
S-140-S-146 Simple Nomenclature Set (Level I)
S-140-A-S-146-A Simple Nomenclature Stories (Reading Exercises) (Level II)
BOX-SN Box for Simple Nomenclatures
TEM-GR Grammar Templates

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