Preschool Math Bundle


Preschool Math Lab

Preschool Math Lab ● PRE-M LAB

Display Box for PRE-L, PRE-M, JE-G and AE-G Labs (small)

Display Box for PRE-L, PRE-M, JE-G and AE-G Labs ● BOX-1-ACP

Addition of Sets Exercises

Addition of Sets ● M-100

Numeration / Addition Exercises

Numeration / Addition Exercises ● M-101

Numeration Beyond 100

Numeration Beyond 100 ● M-102

Addition with Bead-Bars

Addition with Bead-Bars ● M-104

Static / Dynamic Addition Exercises

Static / Dynamic Addition Exercises ● M-105

Static / Dynamic Multiplication Exercises (Laminated)

Static / Dynamic Multiplication Exercises (Laminated) ● M-108

Golden Bead Rubber Stamps

Golden Bead Rubber Stamps ● M-152

Clock Rubber Stamp

Clock Rubber Stamp ● M-153

Plastic Fraction Circles to The 10Th

Plastic Fraction Circles to The 10Th ● MF-10TH

Geometry Templates (Large)

Geometry Templates (Large) ● TEM-A

Geometry Templates (Small)

Geometry Templates (Small) ● TEM-B

Static / Dynamic Subtraction Exercises (Laminated)

Static / Dynamic Subtraction Exercises (Laminated) ● M-107
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Complete Preschool Albanesi Math Bundle (For Students 3 to 6) with all Albanesi Support Materials Included!

Test Batteries organized by grade level are sold separately and downloaded as PDF files at

Bundle Includes: 

PRE-M LAB (1985 Edition) ($150.00 Value)
ACP-BOX-1   Display Box for Preschool Math ($48.00 Value)
M-100   Addition of Sets ($12.00 Value)
M-101   Numeration/Addition ($24.00 Value)
M-102   Numeration Beyond 100 ($18.00 Value)
M-104   Addition with Bead-Bars ($12.00 Value)
M-105   Static / Dynamic Addition ($36.00 Value)
M-107   Static/Dynamic Subtraction ($55.00 Value)
M-108   Static/Dynamic Multiplication ($55.00 Value)
M-152   Golden Beads Rubber Stamps ($125.00 Value)
M-153   Clock Rubber Stamp ($64.00 Value)
MF-10th   Red Plastic Fraction Circles to 10th ($102.00 Value)
TEM-A   Geometry Templates Large ($81.00 Value)
TEM-B   Geometry Templates Small ($68.00 Value)

Total Value $850
Bundle Savings: $128

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