Simple Nomenclature Set (Level I) ● Laminated


Simple Nomenclature Set (Level I) ● S-140-146 (Laminated)

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Total Material:

70 Laminated Control Picture Cards (labels printed on the picture cards)
70 Laminated Picture Cards for Matching
70 Laminated Labels,
Seven Laminated Title Cards
Seven Color-Coded Plastic Pockets

The Seven Sets Include:

1. Animal Babies
2. Birds
3. Prehistoric Animals
4. Fruit
5. Flowers
6. Clothing
7. Fish

Each Set Consists Of:

10 Control Picture Cards (labels printed on the picture cards) – (5 ½” x 5 ½).
10 Matching Pictures (5 ½” x 5 ½).
10 Labels (5 ½” x 1”)
1 Title Card (5 ½” x 5 ½).
1 color-coordinated Plastic Pocket for storage.

All picture cards are beautiful original art and correspond to the size of metal inset paper which can be used for tracing on a Light Box. Students are delighted to make their own booklets to take home. The exercises are coordinated for use with the Preschool (PRE-L) and Junior (JE-L) Albanesi Language Curriculum Program (ACP). Digitally revised in 2013.

Preschool and Junior Elementary (Age 4+)

Sold Separately: Custom Designed Wooden Display Box: BOX-SN

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