Storage Cabinets for The Grammar Box Exercises


Storage Cabinets for The Advanced Elementary Grammar Box Exercises ● BOX-GR-210

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These sturdy plastic storage cabinets provide organization for the 70 Albanesi Grammar Box Exercises (GR-210). The Storage Cabinets can be stacked or positioned side by side. Includes a small storage box for Guide Cards & Observations. Storage Cabinets now include adhesive labels attached to the drawers. Replacement sets of adhesive labels may be purchased separately. STORAGE CABINETS DO NOT INCLUDE THE GRAMMAR BOX EXERCISES OR THE GRAMMAR SYMBOLS.

The Grammar Box Exercises (GR-210) have been coded for both the Junior Elementary Level (ages 6-9) and the Advanced Elementary Levels (9-13+).

Approximate Storage Cabinet Dimensions: 14-7/8″ x 6-1/8″ x 7-3/8″

Note: Storage cabinets may be substituted based on availability.

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