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The 18 Botany Impressionistic Charts are printed on folded 11” x 17” cardstock. Each chart is beautifully illustrated in full color and provides a story with detailed information about the picture and related subjects. Vocabulary and comprehension exercises are also included.

The Complete Set of 18 Charts Includes the Following Titles:

1. The Menu of the Plant
2. The Water Seekers
3. An Obstacle in the Way
4. Quenching the Thirsty Roots
5. From Death to Life
6. Like a Water Pump
7. The Sun Takes a Drink
8. The Leaves Worship the Sun
9. The Chemical Laboratory
10. The Travelers
11. Strong Climbers
12. The Strength of the Roots
13. The Defense System
14. Preservation of the Species
15. Pollination
16. The Offspring of a Tree
17. The Hands that Hold
18. The Fountain

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