Fundamental Needs of Humans (Horizontal) ● Laminated


The Fundamental Needs of Humans LAMINATED (Horizontal Series) ● H-501-510 Horizontal

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2022 Edition

The History of The Fundamental Needs of Humans consists of 11 sets of full-color pictures, matching stories and labels, 11 sets of student control booklets, and one teacher’s control.

Pictures and story cards measure 5.5″ x 5.5″. Each set is stored in a custom-designed plastic pocket. The exercises correspond to the study of the six major historical periods of human development in Western Civilization: Prehistory, Egyptian, Greek, Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Modern Time.

Material Needs: Shelter, Clothing, Transportation (Land and Water), Nutrition, Physical Health, Defense, and Communication.

Spiritual Needs: Social Acceptance, Art, Religion, and Philosophy.

A custom-made wooden Box for The History of The Fundamental Needs of Humans is sold separately.

The History of The Fundamental Needs of Humans (CME Notes) are also available.

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