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Part One of the Time Line of Man illustrated the Pleistocene Epoch (see item #T-310-A. Part Two, the Holocene Epoch, continues the story of human development from about 20,000 years ago right up to the present. Since the Upper Paleolithic Age is a link between the first time line of humans and the second, a jagged line is used to represent this division. The second time line provides the foundation for the deeper study of human civilizations. Dr. Montessori insisted that the value of history is to inspire students through the study of the achievements of human ingenuity. This curriculum program consists of: A – A laminated Working Chart 2’ x 8’ covering a span of approximately 20,000 years, with 30 printed numbered blank frames where the appropriate pictures, labels and paragraphs are to be positioned. B – 30 Colored Pictures, Labels and Paragraphs printed on card stock to be placed on the chart in sequential order. C – A spiral-bound Control Booklet 5.5” x 8.5” which contains all the pictures, labels and paragraphs matched and in sequential order. D – The Research Cards for the six ages of the Holocene Epoch. Each card includes a multiple choice test to sharpen the student’s comprehension and vocabulary. E – Control Card with the answers for the six tests.

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