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The history of humans is not a separate event from the history of the Earth. This time line is the continuation of the Time Line of the Development of Life. Here the last three million years of Earth’s history are taken into consideration with prehistoric people and their stages of development as the central theme. This time line is the first of two parts. In this first part we consider the long Pleistocene epoch, beginning with the most primitive ape-like hominids and ending with the emergence of the modern type of humans: the Cro-Magnons. The second part of the Time Line of Humans (not described here) concentrates exclusively on the Holocene epoch, a period of time that started approximately fifteen thousand years ago and in which we still live today. This program includes: the Work Chart which is a large laminated chart two feet wide and nine feet long. The red bars at the top show the division of time from about three million years ago to our present day. The line of average temperatures (red-blue) including a thermometer scale and the names of various glaciations and interglacial stages of the Ice Age are all clearly marked. There are 30 blank frames where the appropriate pictures are placed in a sequential order. There are 30 Individual Pictures 3¼” x 5” fully colored representing the development of mankind from its most primitive level to Cro-Magnon man. Scenes of the hunt, tools, clothing, anthropological classification of human types, use of fire, fauna, flora, habitation, religious rites and cultural ceremonies are all dramatically depicted in these pictures. The students study a period at a time and are asked to discover the logical sequence of the events that bought man from his most primitive status to the level of supreme conqueror of all nature’s resources. There are 30 short paragraph labels to match to explain the 30 illustrations on the Picture Cards. Students of the Junior Elementary levels can easily read, match these labels to the pictures, and create their own complete time line. There are 30 cards numbered and illustrated with the exact same pictures used on the Work Chart to form a Control Booklet. Each illustration is accompanied by its corresponding paragraph label already conveniently matched. There are five Story Cards, each folded into two pages of written information, describe the five important stages of human development. They are numbered sequentially and organized as follows: 1. THE DAWN OF MANKIND (Australopithecus) 2. UPRIGHT MAN (Homo erectus) 3. PRE-NEANDERTHAL MAN 4. NEANDERTHAL MAN 5. CRO-MAGNON MAN

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