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After the teacher has introduced the formation of the Earth with the first series of The Impressionistic Geography Charts, the students should be exposed to a broad view of the geological eras of our planet. For this introductory study, Dr. Montessori designed a circle graph that correlated the passage of millions of years to a 12-hour clock. The Clock of the Eras brings us from the Azoic Era, or formative time, to the present in a matter of “hours” and, at a glance, the student can recognize by color-coding the Proterozoic, the Paleozoic, the Mesozoic, the Cenozoic and Neozoic Eras, both on the circle graph and in time-line or linear formation. The same color-coding is then used in the great work of the Time Line of the Development of Life, where the Eras are subdivided into geological periods and epochs, marked by dramatic illustrations of various forms of life that show the increasing complexity of evolution. The Complete set of The Time Line of Life consists of:

T-300.1 ● 12 Geological Stories (Value $125)
T-300.2 ●  An Etymological Glossary Booklet (Value $25)
T-300.3 ● One Blank Working Chart (Value $100)
T-300.4 ● Cut Out Charts (Value $100)
T-300.5 ● Colored Mural Control (Value $150)

Total Value: $500

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