Set of Three Globes /022600/023000/023100 NH-220 ■SOLD OUT■QUOTE REQUIRED■

Set of Three Globes /022600/023000/023100 NH-220 ■SOLD OUT■QUOTE REQUIRED■

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In the acquisition of language, the child of 2 ½ years of age is sensitive to contrasting sensations. Geography begins by “giving the child the world.” In this introductory presentation, the Montessori Guide uses three small globes. The child distinguishes by the sense of touch the difference between rough and smooth, respectively meant to represent land and water. The first globe has a sandpaper surface for land and smooth blue paint for water. The second globe is all smooth, but white represents the land and blue is for the water. The third globe represents the land as color-coded continents surrounded by blue for water. The printed notes of this Montessori presentation from our CME Teacher Preparation Course are available for purchase from this web page under Three Globes Presentation. / 022600/023000/023100 NH-220

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