Simple Nomenclatures (CME notes) ● LANG-CME-S-140-146

Simple Nomenclatures (CME notes) ● LANG-CME-S-140-146

SKU: LANG-CME-S-140-146

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These notes are for the Primary Level only. The complete notes for the Elementary include the explanations and presentations of Simple and Classified Nomenclatures that, in addition to matching labels, involve reading comprehension paragraphs to match to pictures. Please find the complete notes on this Montessori material with SKU: LANG-CME-S-140A-146A

Step-by-step CME printed instructions for this Montessori Language activity may be ordered only on this webpage. The charge for this printed material is non-refundable. While these notes serve as accurate and detailed guides for the Montessori presentations, they are not intended to substitute the live presentations offered in Montessori training courses by professional instructors.

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