Static / Dynamic Addition ● M-105

Static / Dynamic Addition ● M-105

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This material consists of exercises with laminated cards which cover addition problems graduated in difficulty, without carrying at first, and later involving carrying in multiple hierarchies. The exercises are designed to parallel the work with the Golden Beads, the Stamp Game, and other Montessori materials. All exercises are coded to coordinate with the Albanesi Junior Elementary Math Curriculum Program (ACP).

64 Labels with Math Problems (3" x 1") / 64 Answers (2" x 1") 
JE-M 15.J
JE-M 25.F
JE-M 25.G

56 Colored-Coded Math Problems (3" x 1.75")  
JE-M 4.A
JE-M 4.B
JE-M 4.C
JE-M 4.D
JE-M 4.E
JE-M 4.F
JE-M 4.G
JE-M 4.H
JE-M 4.I
JE-M 4.J
JE-M 4.K
JE-M 19.A
JE-M 19.B
JE-M 20.A
JE-M 20.B
JE-M 20.C
JE-M 21.A
JE-M 21.B
JE-M 21.C

24 Black and White Math Problems (3" x 1.75")
JE-M 30.A
JE-M 30.B
JE-M 30.C

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