Study of The Article ● S-127

Study of The Article ● S-127

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Specific exercises for the study of the article identify the difference in usage between definite and indefinite articles. At the preschool level, such distinction is only experienced through the auditory sense, by the correct usage of language. At the elementary level, the Montessori Guide will be prepared to teach the more advanced conceptual level and integrate it with the auditory sense. There are 16 labels for the articles and 16 labels for the nouns. For this exercise the teacher will need to prepare an object box. Common miniature objects may be collected to match the word labels so that the children can visualize and concretize the grammatical usage of the articles as applied to actual objects. The printed notes of this Montessori presentation from our CME Teacher Preparation Course are available for purchase from this webpage. Please search for: Study of the Article Exercises.

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