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The Family Time Line consists of two vertical time lines for a child’s family of more than three members, but no more than six. If the child is an only child, one chart will be sufficient for the child, the mother and the father. Invite a student to bring one photograph of each family member, including himself/herself. The photographs are placed in the spaces provided and the name of each member is written below. Under each picture, there is a long vertical row of numbered strips representing the years. If, for example, the mother is 30 years old, ask the child to count 30 red strips and cut out that section from the printed papers provided and glue it on the chart below her picture. The same procedure is followed for each member of the family. As a birthday is celebrated, the child may add one red strip to represent the completion of another year. This work may be started at school and continued independently at home for as long as the child wishes.

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