The Nervous System of the Human Body (Second Edition)



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Updated in 2019

Independent, self-paced Classified Nomenclature exercise derived from the group lesson of the scientific study of the Nervous System of the Human Body presented with the three-dimensional model (see item SCIENCE-A46) and the control booklet from this exercise. This product consists of studying the nomenclature of the organs of the human body involved in the Nervous System using picture/label matching for the Junior Elementary Level (ages 6-9) and matching reading story cards to pictures for the Advanced Elementary Level (ages 9-12). A control booklet is included. Like all nomenclature exercises, the material lends itself well for multiple Montessori presentations with the Three-Period-Lesson and for independent individual work involving tracing, coloring and writing main summary sentences so that a student may make one’s own illustrated control booklet to take home when finished.

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