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The Year Calendar time Line represents one whole year in time line form. The teacher points out to the class the current month and finds the label to be placed on the time line chart. The numeration strip at the top of the time line shows the days of the year in uninterrupted sequential order from 1 to 365 (366 for the Leap Year). The numeration strip below indicates the days of each month. Using cut-out strips of the weeks, the children can observe how many days there are in each month and divide the month into weeks. Taking turns, one child places the label for the current week on the chart; as time progresses, another child places the label of the following week. Soon the whole class becomes aware of the days, weeks and months that pass. Special holidays or events can be identified and placed on the calendar as they occur throughout the year. The teacher or an older child can also write short sentences and attach them to the class calendar to emphasize a holiday or special day as it comes up.

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